Il piacere di mangiare
The Kitchen

The essence of the Dani García Group lies in creative cuisine. His values ​​of respect, loyalty and teamwork are intertwined with an overflowing passion for gastronomic innovation. This group stands out for its ability to develop new culinary brands, concepts and formats. His approach is based on creating unique culinary experiences that awaken the senses and surprise diners both inside and outside our borders.

The Food

Our menu, inspired by the beauty of majolica ceramics from southern Italy, transports authentic flavors of Italian Mediterranean cuisine, fusing tradition and avant-garde with the best raw materials. From a variety of pastas, caviar and pizzas, to main courses with Italian-Mediterranean influences that evoke the Amalfi Coast. Our raw bar offers a wide selection of fish and shellfish. And as a climax, the restaurant presents a final surprise: the Dolce Stanza, where you will enjoy the sweetest moment of this culinary experience.


Welcome to our paradise of flavors by the sea. At La Cabane, cocktails are more than just drinks, they are an experience inspired by Mediterranean life. Every sip will be a tribute to fragrances like Dolce & Gabbana's iconic Light Blue, fresh Mediterranean flavors and botanically infused tastings that capture the essence of the coast and transport you to your oasis by the sea. Discover our carefully selected cocktails made with natural ingredients that invite you to indulge in the Marbella lifestyle.